Trick or Suite



Being sick can be downright terrifying. But what if, for one night, seriously ill kids could just be kids?
What if they could enter a fantasy world full of sweet surprises and make-believe? A night where anything is possible. Where imagination takes flight and kids feel a good kind of fright.
Starlight’s Trick or Suite is a Halloween event and family getaway rolled into one. This event is designed exclusively for Starlight children to trick or treat indoors at a local hotel and then enjoy a night - not in hospital but in a hotel suite - with their families.

For some children, Trick or Suite is the first time they've been able to experience the true spirit of Halloween. Whether they have a compromised immune system that made visiting numerous homes a health risk, or accessibility challenges that simply did not allow their wheelchair to get to their neighbours door, a lot of these kids are getting to enjoy their first "BOO!" and "Trick or treat, smell my feet" with Starlight. Talk about a great escape!

The event is taking place in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver, B.C.!
The Sweet Treats of Trick or Suite:

  • Exclusively for Starlight families (Almost *1,000 people took part in 2018)
    *Including Montreal, Toronto. and Vancouver BC. 
  • 40+ themed & decorated rooms ($1,500 room sponsorship)
  • Accessible trick or treating for children in wheelchairs
  • Safe for children and teens with compromised immune systems
  • Crafts, activities, food and entertainment

“Last weekend our family had the joy of participating in our first Trick or Suite event. It was a treat in accessibility! A few nights later on actual Halloween was a bit more tricky in our house. Every year my 12 year old drives her wheelchair as close to the house as she can get, I run up the stairs and knock, she yells “trick or treat” and then I run back to her with the treat for her bag. This year she made it to only 3 houses before she veered off the sidewalk almost tipping her powerchair over (picture two wheels on the road and two wheels barely hanging on to the side walk). And so we went home. I tell you this so that you can share why we registered with Starlight. We take advantage of every healthy day that we have the privilege of having. We try to fill every day with as much joy as we can; we strive to create lifelong, happy memories for our children; we are reminded far too often how fragile life can be. Thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors that made Trick or Suite possible. Hoping that those memories overpower the scares of a few nights later.” - Starlight Mom, Trick or Suite 2017